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The Bank of Nova Scotia (French: La Banque de Nouvelle-Écosse), operating as Scotiabank (French: Banque Scotia), is a Canadian multinational banking and financial services company. One of Canada's Big Five banks, it is the third-largest Canadian bank by deposits and market capitalization. It serves more than 25 million customers around the world and offers a range of products and services including personal and commercial banking, wealth management, corporate and investment banking.

An upset customer shares his experience and shows the lack of support from the bank, "Lousy customer service. Scotiabank is a terrible bank that made me waste time by failing to provide me with a document they said they would issue, finally refusing to do so before the weekend and asking me to go to a branch amid the coronavirus outbreak on a Friday evening (when they lie on their website and say that they're willing to help you online). So many contradictions, same bad service. Avoid."


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Former Employee - Business Development says

"- People are like ignorant school boys and don't know what they are doing. The lack of knowledge about their fields is simply appalling. - People simply slack in their work. Bunch of lazy folks chitchatting who do not have any motivation to work for a broken company. People came late and left office at 3-4pm. At 5pm the office is pretty much 80% empty, which is just unheard of! - Abuse of work-from-home (before COVID-19) as a way to hide from their work and responsibilities. - Management is a joke and totally incompetent. They don't know how to manage people. Sometimes you think you could be a better manager yourself. They don't reward your merits for sure and fire people when they get angered at your good suggestions. In fact, they all need to get fired. - Strong smell of discriminatory practices against certain people and races. - Pay is utterly horrible and unforgivable as compared to other competitors. - It's a retirement home when you have no one else hiring you and you are already in your 50's having no other choices to make your ends meet. - Bad everything. Do not work there. It was my total regret to have joined the company years ago in the first place. I got a much much better job since then!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Too many unintelligent people in high places. No respect for you or the work you do. The pay is so low compared to other companies in similar markets and locations. Very inconsistent culture, depends on your manager. Even if there's company wide policies your manager can overrule that and tell you to do something against policy. Very unethical and toxic place to work."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I would say quite some people are "abusing" work from home here since it is allowed and no upper management cares, and they definitely take it too far. Most of the time they don't have a valid reason for doing so. It's not like they have a doctor's appointment or anything they need to take care at home. They make it a routine to take 2 to 3 days work from home every week. That's quite outrageous and their boss won't care. Worst thing is it's very clear they are doing much less on those days. It's their paid time offs and you just know it. This is very demoralizing for those working in office."

Former Employee - Director says

"No leadership, bias against Americans"


"Bad culture, treated new joiners as an outkast. Seemed like the branch was being run by a group of friends or family and they would treat new joiners very poorly and eventually squeeze you out until you break."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- upper management not open to critique or ideas for enhancement - upper management blames its own employees for its failures - constant reorganizations and laying off of employees (no transparency and no explanations from management) - technology needs improvement - employee morale low (due to job uncertainty) - responsibilities significantly broadened - far beyond what I signed on to (and yet no extra compensation) - favortism - hours and expectation to work weekends - backlash for asking questions and being thorough -contract employees are extremely important and not treated as members of the team"


"All is negative. Senior management doesn't have any management skills, salary is one third of my current compensation. Placement is wrong acceptance is totally wrong. It's a joke in my life. Goodbye permanently."


"Pay below average; not a high performing culture"

Current Employee - Sales says

"more beneficial thing to offer employees plus cheaper benefits"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Work life balance (you pay will be significantly less than market) It's too laid back here The company does not cross train employees Managers do not offer promotions Systems are antiquated Information is not shared with other groups There will be no one to train you and at the end of the year it will be held against you (because that makes sense) The bank is insanely cheap TAG is terrible responding to requests Knowledge and hard work does not translate to a better salary or bonus If you try to move to a different role your manager will block you If you come here negotiate as high as you can on both salary and title"

Gord says

"Want to induce rage? Leave someone on IVR for 30+ minutes, and have that IVR flash them the \'your patience is appreciated\' message EVERY 20 %@!#! SECONDS. "

Cajera Senior (Former Employee) says

"Pésimo trato Cúando dejas de ser empleado, no te dan tu dinero luego luego y te obligan a firmar tu renuncia voluntaria para no liquidar te al cien Cons: No te pagan los sábados"

Ejecutiva de cuenta (Former Employee) says

"Peor empresa para trabajar, no la recomiendo..........."

Financial Advisor (Former Employee) says

"very low pay"

Financial Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Very stressful and no support from manager. They only care sales not employees at all. And bank don’t train FAs properly, they want them to start work as soon as possible to get sales for the bank. And so many FAs are doing a lot bad things for clients Cons: Everything"

Scotiabank Service Advisor, Universal Banker (Current Employee) says

"Management can be a nightmare if the wrong greedy bullies are in charge. Be careful. You are 100% a number with the bank. They don't care about you as a human."

cajera principal (Former Employee) says

"Tienen solo 2 cajeros en todas sus sucursales y con esta pandemia solo se presenta 1 cajero ,,quieren q ese cajero trabaje x 2 y ni siquiera quieren bonificar por trabajar solo 1 persona sacando el trabajo de dos ,,no les importa el personal son inhumanos"

Financial Advisor (Former Employee) says

"started off okay and went downhill got laid off wouldn't recommend. This was 5 years ago things may have changed if you get a good starting offer I would take it but I'd look elsewhere."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Remember that the bank is a Corporation and their loyalties lie with ensuring the shareholders and top executives needs are satisfied at the expense of the worker"

Financial Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Poor training and development structure. Financial Advisor in the role of salesman! Strong racism of old aged employees with new and talented employees. Toxic work environment, no HR audit or governance. Very poor work culture."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Puestos de a dedo y jefes que adoran la lamboneria y no conocen los procesos"

Bilingual Recruitment Consultant (Former Employee) says

"je ne recommande pas. je n aime pas la culture d entreprise"

Cajero Principal (Current Employee) says

"Función: Atención al cliente, cortes, arqueos, cierres de caja, salvaguardar los valores y el cuadre operativo de la sucursal, apertura y cierre de sucursal."

python programmer analyst advisory (Current Employee) says

"It was not a good time at Scotiabank. I worked day and night for them for 2 years and then they onboarded a contractor stating I needed external help where as I was single person handling BA work, Coding, Support, Testing work for 2 years and then they wanted me to work on something in 3 months instead of 5 months which was my estimate, thinking I will work 24*7 but now they dont need me anymore and are terminating me because they have got a contractor working for them now.Please dont work here"

Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"You were always expected to do more than your job description. I learned nothing. Always under staffed and under paid. High strung management. Best part of the job was going home at the end of the day."

Scrum Master (Former Employee) says

"Arrogant colleagues and manager. No regard for basic common courtesy towards fellow team mates. Team mates were rude every day and right in front of the manager. She chose to put the blame on me and encourage more arrogant and irresponsible behavior from others. Highly immature management."

Lending Services Officer (Former Employee) says

"Lots of room to grow, staff is very co-operative, cross training, good work culture, lots of events for group and staff interaction, flexible timings,"

Sr. Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Women here are treated as fit for nothing and one who works shloud be ready to loose their self respect."

Mortgage Compliance Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I would highly recommend to avoid working for Scotiabank. This was a horrible situation to be in. From the start of my interview to my actual hiring they DO NOT PROVIDE proper training. Once again, if you are an external hire be prepared to experience this as 95% of the people working there are internal hires so they already understand the platforms, products at a higher level. I have left my position less than 3 months in my role as I experienced issues of bullying from my manager, and discrimination from co-workers for someone that has a phyiscal disability. Even when I have reported these issue to Employee Relations, it was not taken seriously at all as the claims I have made were not investigated in correctly. Even after I had notifed them the information I provided was different then what they investigated, they would not re-examine or speak to other sources such as colleagues around who can confirm my findings. I just started with the company and did not want to go through legal matters so I had no choice but to resign for the betterment of my well being and health. You feel hopeless in a toxic enviorment with no one to speak to and are really on your own."

Customer service representative/teller (Former Employee) says

"What can i say that i already havent bs favoritism fraud full of x bikers still committed daily in and out of offices funny had best survey scores and pushed out"

Sales Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Falta de etica y profesionalismo. El departamento cerro, corriendo a todos los empleados sin justificacion."

Imad jammalieh says

"* I have a car loan from Scotia bank (N4349BEF1).
* For years I am paying regularly through my online banking in CIBC,
* for a reason, I started getting calls from Scotia Loan to pay late payments, where I believed in Scotia management and paid extra payments, which disappears in your system in total more than $640,
*- To my understanding, that the reason is a weakness in the software where your staff cannot change it and give my money back.
* Some of your staff are nice and sweet but they could not do anything,
* In my opinion, this action similar to .....
* I tried to contact Loan's staff but no success"

Natalee says

"I requested a replacement card for my daughter because she lost her card back on April 14, today is May 27 and I still haven't received it and in fact they sent us a SCENE card...that made no sense, it's a pandemic why would i care about scene points right now. It is a shame that they own Tangerine because it is the best online bank out there."

Scotia bank is dog shit says

"Absolute f’in trash. shat
Customer service... dumpster fire
Website...equivalent to a 2001 sun fire with a blown motor

Shattiest bank I’ve ever had.
Trash. Trash. Trash."

Sarah Aultman says

"Online help service SUCKS!!!! Some random money was taken from my account under a transaction titled "amazon prime". This doesn't make sense because I do not have an amazon prime account. Called the help line to get the money back and have the card cancelled or anything to fix this problem and was on hold for so long listening to how they care about my call, THEN ANSWER IT!!! After all that time waiting for someone to pick up I was told to contact amazon and "make sure they don't see the transaction" and then call back in three days if amazon doesn't decide to refund me?!?!?!?! How does that make any sense??"

AMY KKS says

"My online Scotia bank access keeps changing, now more than ever I need access to my online banking due to covid and the removed my email address so I have no access to my account, I have to go to the bank during covid to fix the change I NEVER GAVE AUTHORIZATION FOR. This is frustrating and I am disappointed in the service provided by the bank. Why are the removing my email address or tampering with my information when I NEVER GAVE them permission to do so."

Jonathan Dubuc says

"Its the worst bank... don't trust damn !"

Humi mk says

"I had a scotia visa card. I canceled that and oh my god wait time is awful and reps are robots. I wish they will learn from capital one, took me 2 minutes to close my acct and didn't have to talk to anyone. I guess scotia charge arm and leg in interest to do nothing. Automate your damn system, you are 20 years behind. And turn off that awful onhold music."

David Nicoll says

"2-4 hours to answer phone - Too inexperienced to place a stock order - PATHETIC!!"

Melanie Chatterton (Mel) says

"Once again, one star is far too high a rating. Perhaps it's that I keep getting the same pretentious, snooty teller who doesn't know a loonie from her... ahem....

I went in to change my account to a student account. Because I started during covid, I have no physical student ID. All my classes are online and can be taken "paced" ( with set class times) or self- paced (you set your own pace as long as it is finished within proper time frames, especially for student loans parameters). Because I was enrolled in 2 classes currently as I have recently finished my third one, she told me I didn't qualify as a student. While I was trying to find my letter stating my admission as a 4th year student, she rudely dismissed me (as usual for her) and would not assist me. She did ask her supervisor who said that as long as they could tell that I was enrolled, I would qualify.

This particular teller seems to not understand how the world works. When I showed her my tuition tax receipt, she questioned why it didn't say 2021. I had to explain that tax receipts are not issued yet for 2021. She did not understand that concept. It makes me wonder how much of the banking concepts she understands.

She also seemed to not understand how online university courses work and how you can be considered a full time student without being bound by specific dates. Perhaps she, or better yet, Scotiabank policy setters, could read up on how student loans consider online students to be full time and then you could change your outdated policies to reflect that, especially during covid when most post secondary schools are not doing in person classes.

Scotiabank, you really need to get a grip on both your employees AND your policies, particularly during covid times. I can assure you that no person on the face of the earth will pay thousands of dollars tuition to fake being a student to save ten bucks a month in fees. I also assure you that, after waiting more than 20 minutes on the phone to get someone to answer, I have no faith in your ability as a bank and will be finding a new institution ASAP.

Teller that "assisted" me, could you, for ONCE stop treating customers like we are beneath you and burdening you? Your job is to assist us as needed to give US a good experience with you and your employer. We are ALL tired from this pandemic, we are ALL worried about our future, we are ALL dealing with a myriad of garbage every single day... try not to be part of someone else's garbage pile. Please.

Please feel free to let me, and everyone else, know which bank you would recommend."

Gord Burns says

"50+ minutes of listening to your IVR tell me "how important i am, and thanks for your patience" every 20 seconds is maddening. If i'm so important, hire more staff to answer your damn phones.

Or better yet, save the money because you wont be getting a single cent more of mine."

Ginger McLean says

"I would not leave a star for this bank at all. They alway have bankstatement errors! add up your money yourself to make sure your not missing 12$ here n 4$ there etc. Also Horrible bank tellers At 1100 Taylor avenue, Winnipeg, MB. They are the racist towards people of colour. At first I disregarded this a poor service but the next few visits proved they did not like if your skin is darker colour. Not one but at least 2-3 snobby bankers at Taylor. Older woman sat behind a desk and blonde hair 29 ye old something guy who stands and greets behind the desk."

Rose F. says

"My husband and I dealt with this company for 25 years. Then when he passed away, the nightmare began - multiple credit lines/cards opened incorrectly. Never closed their mistakes on credit bureau. Loan couldn't be transferred to my name until paid out. I had to provide Will, Death Certificate etc., 4 times over the course of a year. Still getting solicitation calls for selling a credit card to my husband, etc., etc., Emotionally I couldn't deal with them anymore after 18 months. Closed everything and went to another bank. Then another nightmare at Scotiabank -- all their screwups -- had to work with Credit Bureau over a two week period to straighten their mess with SIN, birthdate and misinformation they keyed in. Once this was done I could get credit at other bank and Credit has been restored. Administrative nightmare after nightmare, never deal with them again unless your ready for their poor administration and bad customer service."

Meet Patel says

"I can’t be able to give 0 stars.calling their customer service and waiting since last 40 minutes.What the hell your customer service is for?.Never recommend this bank to any one ."

Stacey Rocke Manick says

"On Friday 30th April, I made 2 fast service deposits to my account at the Scotiabank Ellerslie branch. As I stood there waiting to retrieve my card the machine just kept beeping with no sight of my card, only a message that my card was being withheld for my own personal safety, I stood there in disbelief.
On the morning of Monday 3rd May 2021, I visited the Ellerslie Plaza Branch where I was attended to by a very pleasant and professional young man named Brando Boland. To my dismay I was told that I would have to pay $25 to get a new card, I asked why they could not simply return my card that they obviously would have retrieved from the machine, Mr. Boland explained that it was the bank’s policy, and the card would be destroyed, as a new one would have to be issued. This seemed illogical, I told Mr. Boland that I simply made 2 deposits and who is to say if there was a malfunction with the machine, I felt that I was being penalized without just cause. I now had to “trust” that Scotiabank would destroy my card not even in my presence, where is the assurance that this is what will indeed happen. I was then given a “ScotiaCard Application/Maintenance And Input Form” to sign which stated that my card was “lost or stolen” I refused to sign it as that statement was not true, and further, the question as to a potential issue with the fast service machine was never considered. Mr. Boland was very helpful and patient despite my continuous objections, which I suspect had more to do with his good character and not any influence by the establishment he was employed. Mr. Boland asked if I would like him to speak to the manager Ms. Michelle Eligon (name disclosed when I asked for the name) about (i) waiving the $25 fee and (ii) the statement of the card being “lost or stolen” which I refused to sign. As expected, Ms. Eligon refused to even consider the waiver and simply crossed off with a pen “lost or stolen” and wrote “card captured by machine” and initialed, I certainly felt dismissed by Ms. Eligon. On further scrutiny of the document I was being asked to sign it went on to state that by affixing my signature that I “Acknowledge receipt of a copy of the Personal Financial Services Agreement and agree to be bound by the terms contained therein …..” no such document was provided. I requested a copy from Mr. Boland who was kind enough to share a soft copy, the document which was of course over 100 pages and obviously impossible to review considering I had to return to work.
It is my opinion that Ms. Michelle Eligon does not have much appreciation for customer service, any reasonable manager would have done due diligence and maybe at minimum faced the customer to alleviate the fears and concerns which Mr. Boland brought to her on my behalf. Although Mr. Boland offered to ask if the manager would speak to me face to face and I refused, I only did so not to further compromise him, especially that Ms. Eligon did not think it warranted, even after he repeatedly approached her on my behalf. One would think with the concerns raised that it would signal the need for some level of intervention. Perhaps Ms. Eligon does not place much credence to “the customer experience”. Similar to some of the other persons who commented here about the poor service from Scotiabank, I will say sometimes it is the persons who lead that are the ones who should be held accountable, as direct reports are limited in the leverage, they are permitted to appease a customer other than their “good character”. Totally fed up with Scotiabank, in these difficult times they only serve to make it more difficult, well done Scotiabank and Ms. Michelle Eligon, hope the “principle” behind the $25 fee and this need to destroy my relatively new chip card “captured by the machine” just to issue another, go a long way. Perhaps this new and disingenuous methodology is yet another way Scotiabank is able to further squeeze their customers in aiding their bottom line."

harpreet kaur says

"I have been calling them since morning , waiting for 15-20 minutes on hold and when the wait is over instead of solving my problem, they drop my call."

Jay Marshall says

"terrible customer sevice!!!! even if you tried to talk to a supervisor, they cant even explain what is happening instead they will just tell you that its just common sense with a high tone! no respect for customers!!!"

isuruse says

"Very poor customer service. I called today to get a reduction on my creditline interest rate and was on the line with 4 different agents for almost 50 minutes but still no outcome! Amazing that Scotia is Canada's 3rd largest bank. First call agent asked qualifying questions and when asked to reduce my interest rate conveniently hung up the line. 2nd one couldn't find my account details from the phone number while the 1st one could. 3rd person Andrew was very polite and almost went to offer the verbal contract but wasn't sure what Canadian prime interest rate was. So he transferred me to a 4th agent and he Collin didn't have a clue who I was. Of course he couldnt find my account as well so I was reading my account # to him. As I asked him to verify the numbers that I gave to him, he was irritated and asked me to call another time. I'm not sure if the calls are channeled to Canadians or a 3rd party overseas calling center. Just wanted to share my disgust in the way customer calls are handled."

Maria Panaligan says

"THEY LITERALLY SUCK. EVERY experience I've had with them has made my whole day and mood miserable--its THAT bad. I only opened an account with them 2 years ago because of their $300 bonus deal if upon opening if you transfer a direct deposit blahblah; I did ALL the requirements in order to qualify for it and when I didn't receive it and asked about it, they thought of literally Every stupid reason to NOT give it to me--they said I didn't complete everything by the due date when I KNOW I did (but because some papers processed on THEIR end LATE, it was on me). Today I tried applying for a VISA account and long story short: WASTE OF TIME. One of my biggest regrets is ever associating myself with this bank."

Paula Jaksic says

"Horrible customer service , horrible bank"

JP Harwerth says

"I have been a customer of Scotiabank in Canada for many years. The bank's service level has been deteriorating constantly over the last years. It is now completely impossible to speak to a real person at the branch. Contacting their customer service center is an excruciating experience with extremely long wait times. After trying 25 attempts to speak to my local branch representative I have given up. I will switch bank as soon as possible." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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